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Ask the pros! If you have a question about moving and storage, feel free to ask us. We've also compiled convenient lists of moving and packing tips to aid in your move. Also, be sure to check our Boxes & Supplies for a list of what you'll need!

Organizing Your Space
Tips For Storage Packing
5 Tips to Save You Time & Money

Organizing Your Space

  1. Determine the packing supplies you will need.
  2. Secure locks, bubble wrap, drop cloths, packing tape, mattress & furniture covers, bungee cords, markers, boxcutters, labels, etc.
  3. Remember to lift with your legs, not your back. Enlist the help of others for larger or heavier items to avoid injury.
  4. Label boxes on several sides. Take home a list of labeled boxes for easy reference when you need to find your goods.
  5. Leave air space around the perimeter of your storage space to aid ventilation.
  6. Disassemble tables and shelves and store them on their sides to save space. Be sure to wrap and mark all the parts for reassembly.
  7. Seal all of your boxes with packing tape. This helps make the boxes sturdier when you stack them.
  8. Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit so you can easily access all of your items.
  9. For safety, refrigerators and freezers should be stored with their doors removed. You can use the space inside of them as extra storage.
  10. Use all the space available, including the height.
  11. Place frequently used items near the door.
  12. When loading the truck to bring your items to Storage Plus, you can save time by gathering all your items into one room near the door.
  13. Keep the keys or codes to gates to your storage unit in a safe place, and have several backups.



Tips For Storage Packing

  1. Box everything you can, and fill boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulking boxes may collapse or tip. Use tissue paper or ink-free packing paper to fill the remaining space to prevent the box from collapsing. Do not use newspaper as the ink can stain items.
  2. Choose the right size box. This will help you stack your boxes in your unit properly.
  3. Use tape on the top and bottom of your boxes for added strength and to keep out dust.
  4. Place clothing items in wardrobe boxes to save space and keep the clothes in the best condition.
  5. Clearly label all boxes so you can identify the contents and keep inventory.
  6. Make a master list of all your belongings as you pack the boxes. Number the boxes, and note the number on the list. This will make things easier to find in the future.
  7. Mark your most needed items as "Important" and store them together near the door of you unit for quick and easy access.
  8. Use linens, curtains, etc to pad fragile items. For really fragile items, use bubble wrap for extra protection. Clearly label the boxes as fragile.
  9. Pack books and other heavy items in smaller boxes, which makes them easier to carry and move. Load heavy items towards to bottom of the box.
  10. Store books, CDs and records flat to avoid damaging their spines
  11. Mirrors and pictures need extra protection in a self-storage facility. Stack them on their ends and securely wrap them in bubble wrap. Pictures and mirrors should never be stored flat.
  12. Before storage, separate lamp bases and lamp shades, and securely wrap the bases for protection.
  13. Stack chairs seat to seat.
  14. For added protection of your wood furniture, wrap all corners and legs in bubble tape.
  15. When packing electronics such as computers or home equipment systems, bundle your cables and note locations for assembly later. If you have saved the original boxes and packing materials, you should use it. Otherwise, use packing peanuts.
  16. Pack your computer disks separately and protect them from magnetic exposure. You should always back up your important files before storing a computer.
  17. Drain fuel tanks of lawn mowers and cars. Fuel is one of the several thnigs that you cannot store in a storage unit facility.


5 Tips to Save You Time & Money

1. Know Your Manager.
Sharyn Lobell is the manager at Storage Plus. But she is not just a manager; she specializes in storage facilities, and works hard to make sure your needs are met. Feel free to call her with any questions you have, as she is always willing to help!

2. Know What Size Unit You Need.
Discuss your needs with your manager, who will help you find the size that best suits your items.

3. Know What Type of Unit You Need.
Climate controlled or non-climate controlled? Your manager can help you find the type of unit that your items will require.

4. Know How To Pack.
See our 10 Tips to Storage Packing.

5. Know The Facility.
Knowing what features Storage Plus offers you will help you cut out unnecessary costs and headache. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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